• Packaging - Our staff are professionally trained to do packaging. 
  • Please note: If you would like to make use of our packaging system, please state what need to be packed and wrapped when requesting a quotation, packaging is charged separate.
  • Office removals - We specialize in office removals. Our workers normally need to be dispatched a day before the removal to dismantle the office desks and equipment. We have the resources to do any size office move, may it be big or small.
  • Relocating pets - We assure your pets a friendly move, by helping you to move them in the least stressful way possible.
  • Vehicles - By prior arrangement, vehicles relocations.
  • Storage - Our storage facilities provide secure, peace of mind. Our storage facilities are monitored by CCTV cameras and we make sure that your household items are safely packed and stored into our storage units.
  • Shuttling Services: Often one would find oneself where normal furniture vehicles are not allowed; therefore a shuttle service will be needed to transport the furniture items from the house to the vehicle. Therefore Always make sure what the vehicle weight limit is if you need to move in or out of a complex.

    Heavy Hauls
  • We specialise in cross border flat bed heavy hauls as well, therefore if needed, please let us know.
  • Heavy hauls are generally performed with 2 x 34t flatbed freightliner horses. Additional vehicles can be arranged per the requested work load.


  • Packaging
  • Office Removals
  • Relocating Pets
  • Relocatng Vehicles
  • Storage
  • Shuttling Services
  • Heavy Hauls nationally
  • Heavy Hauls Cross Border


When one decides on moving houses, the best way to make sure your move is a stress less as possible, is by planning ahead and making sure you have ample time to pack and plan the move. Good planning equals a more manageable and less burdenfull move.

Make sure you have enough time to sort your furniture items, therefore making sure the items you want to keep is kept and the items which you do not need is discarded, this will save you not just time, but money as well.

Pack the same items together, do not overload any boxes. Overloading of boxes might result in unnecessary breakages.


Label all the boxes clearly, by marking each box clearly will help you to sort each box to its necessary spot at your new house.


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